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Dr. Stone: Season One

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All 24 episodes from the first season of the Japanese anime set in the year 5738 A.D. as civilization comes to a standstill following a mysterious flashing light that petrifies mankind and turns them into stone statues.

When teenager Senku Ishigami (voice of Yusuke Kobayashi) is revived many millennia later he applies his aptitude for science to set about restoring civilization.

However, not everyone believes that humanity should be restored and Senku faces off against Tsukasa Shishiou (Yuichi Nakamura), who would rather see the world built upon values relating to strength and brawn.

The episodes are: 'Stone World', 'King of the Stone World', 'Weapons of Science', 'Fire the Smoke Signal', 'Stone World the Beginning', 'Two Nations of the Stone World', 'Where Two Million Years Have Gone', 'Stone Road', 'Let There Be the Light of Science', 'A Flimsy Alliance', 'Clear World', 'Buddies Back to Back', 'Masked Warrior', 'Master of Flame', 'The Culmination of Two Million Years', 'A Tale for the Ages', 'A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies', 'Stone Wars', 'To Modernity', 'The Age of Energy', 'Spartan Crafts Club', 'The Treasure', 'Wave of Science' and 'Voices Over Infinite Distance'.

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Dr. Stone: Season One

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