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One Piece Card Game TCG

One Piece TCG at Nerdom revives the world of the legendary pirate Monkey D. Luffy and his companions. With cards depicting scenes, characters and battles from the series, the player can collect and build their own pirate crew. With strategy and tactics, lead your crew to victory, discovering new adventures and facing epic opponents. Experience the passion and adventure of One Piece through this exciting card game!

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How to play the One Piece Card Game?

One Piece Card Game (OPCG) is an officially licensed card game based on the popular One Piece anime and manga series. The game is for two players, who play the role of One Piece characters and fight each other to win.

The basic rules of the OPCG are as follows:

  1. Game Objective: The objective is to attack the opposing player and take away all their Life Points (LP) to win.
  2. Initial Deal: Each player starts with a Deck of cards representing their characters and abilities. These cards are divided into three categories: Crew, Character and Event.
  3. Rows and Attacks: Players play their cards in rows, where they can attack the opposing player with their characters. Each character has specific stats and abilities that can affect combat.
  4. Life Points (LP): Players have an initial life and it must remain positive
  5. Trades: During gameplay, players can trade, use special abilities, and play events that affect the game state.
  6. Win and lose: The player who manages to remove all of their opponent's Life Points wins the game. Conversely, if the player runs out of cards or cannot continue playing, then they lose.

One Piece TCG cards feature many favorite characters from the series, including Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami and many more. Each card has its own abilities and stats, making it unique and exciting to play.

In summary, One Piece TCG is an exciting card game that allows players to play as their favorite characters from One Piece and compete with their friends in epic battles.

Are there any rare One Piece Card Game cards?

Yes, there are rare cards in One Piece Card Game. Rare cards are usually limited in number and are harder to find in packs and booster packs. These rare cards usually have special stats, abilities, or are linked to important characters or moments from One Piece.

Rare cards can be Foil (metallic) cards, with special embossed details or treatments on the card type. They may also include rare signatures or illustrations from the creators of One Piece.

Rare cards add excitement to the game and are desired by collectors and players. Look for the rare One Piece Card Game cards to add to your collection or to strengthen your deck with powerful and unique cards.

What are the rarest One Piece Card Game cards?

The rarest cards in One Piece Card Game are usually as follows:

  1. Secret Rare Cards: These cards are the rarest and most collectible cards in the game. They usually have extremely rare color or treatments, and often include signatures or illustrations from the One Piece creators.
  2. Ultra Rare Cards: These cards are also rare and collectible. They have special embossed details or treatments and may include additional abilities or capabilities.
  3. Super Rare Cards: These cards are less rare than the previous ones, but are still considered rare and unwanted by collectors. They usually have great designs or abilities.

It is worth noting that rare cards may vary from series to series and depending on the version of the game. To find the rarest cards in One Piece Card Game, you can refer to rare card lists

When new One Piece Card Game cards come to Nerdom?

At Nerdom, we usually try to bring new One Piece Card Game cards as they come out. New card releases are usually done by the game developer and depend on when they decide to release a new series or expansion.

By visiting the Nerdom website or contacting our customer service team, you will be able to stay updated on new One Piece Card Game card releases and their availability in store.

You can also visit Nerdom regularly or subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications of new releases and arrivals of One Piece Card Game cards.