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Kakegurui Manga

Discover the fascinating world of Kakegurui Manga at Nerdom. Follow Jabami Yumeko, a schoolgirl who faces danger and the ultimate gamble.

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What is Kakegurui's story?

Kakegurui's story follows Himeko as she faces various challenges and rivalries from other students at the school. He also meets a special character, Jamaberry Rytaru, who is one of the top players in the school.

As Himeko progresses in her quest to win the games, she discovers the dark underworld behind the school's highly competitive culture. Hard but exciting truths and alternative revelations are revealed, while the concentration of power and the quest for victory dominate every move.

Kakegurui's story unfolds at a fast pace, offering a mix of tension, psychological games, and twists. The characters are complex and compelling, each with their own dark sides and motivations.

Through unleashing inner adversities and facing ruthless opponents, Himeko discovers the power of self-belief and determination. As the story progresses, the relationships between the characters evolve, creating complex dynamics and unpredictable events.

Kakegurui is a series with a strong presentation of gambling, fun and the dark side of human nature. It offers a unique view of the world of gambling and the internal conflicts that arise from it.

Kakegurui's story offers twists, tension and exciting moments, making it one of the most popular manga and anime series. If you're into a rich gambling environment, psychological games, and layered characters, Kakegurui is a series that's sure to get you hooked.

Who are the main characters of Kakegurui?

The main characters of Kakegurui include:

  1. Yumeko Jama - She is the protagonist of the series, a student with a strong talent for gambling. She is outgoing, unpredictable and determined, and constantly seeks the adrenaline rush and the feeling of chasing success.
  2. Ryunosuke Momobami - He is the president of the Higure School Student Council and one of Yumeko's main rivals. He has a sarcastic and cold personality and enjoys controlling others through gambling.
  3. Mari Saotome - She is a first year student who joins the Higure School. He has a low social status and tries to climb the social hierarchy through gambling.
  4. Rhythm Suzumiya - He is one of the top students of the Higure School and one of Yumeko's rivals.
  5. Mario Saurame - He is one of the strongest players of the Higure School. He has a lordly and arrogant character and enjoys dominating others through gambling.
  6. Natsume Baikou - She is an honor student who is known for her poker skills. He has a cool and logical character and plays with strategy and skepticism.
  7. Count Rakuzaki - He is a freshman with a strong gambling obsession. He has an eccentric and extravagant character and is known for his passionate approach to gambling.

These are some of the main characters of Kakegurui. The series also introduces many other interesting characters with varying personalities and strengths in the gambling world.

How long is each season of Kakegurui?

The length of each season of Kakegurui is as follows:

Season 1: The first season of Kakegurui consists of 12 episodes and was originally released in July 2017.

Season 2 (Kakegurui ××): The second season of Kakegurui, titled "Kakegurui ××" or "Kakegurui Season 2," also consists of 12 episodes and aired from January to March 2019.

Each season has a total duration of about 5-6 hours, considering the length of each episode which is usually around 25 minutes.

Is there a Kakegurui movie or sequel?

Yes, there is a movie based on Kakegurui. The movie is titled "Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler" and was released in May 2019 in Japan. The plot of the film follows the events of the first season of the series.

Also, there is a sequel to the original anime titled "Kakegurui Twin." This series aired from January to March 2022 and follows the story of Marie Saotome, a new student who enters the same school world of Hyakkaou Private Academy and discovers the world of gambling and betting.

It is worth noting that most information about the continuation of the series or additional films may change over time, as new episodes or productions may be announced in the future. I recommend checking news and update sources for any developments regarding Kakegurui.

What Kakegurui manga will I find on Nerdom?

At Nerdom, you can find the manga "Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler" created by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Toru Naomura. The manga follows the same story as the corresponding anime series, with protagonist Yumeko Jabami and her adventures at Hyakkaou Private Academy. The manga offers a detailed development of the story and includes additional details and scenes that may not be included in the anime series.